CAMS Prospero is the next generation of TMS tools for private fleet management.

What can Prospero do for your business?

  • Provide you with cutting edge optimization tools and market leading processes not found in any other offering.
  • Go well beyond simply satisfying the clerical and administrative needs of your transportation department.
  • Satisfy and exceed the expectations of all grocery retailers and wholesalers, whether your company distributes from a single site or from a national network of distribution centers.
  • Future-proof your transportation software needs, leveraging your existing investments while providing a modern solution that is fully supported.

Prospero is a complete, integrated solution for the following business areas and more . . .


Don’t just manage your driver and equipment resources — optimize them.

You may feel like your hands are tied with driver bids, but optimized driver resource assignments for second and third dispatches pay off big on the bottom line. Prospero includes tools for constructing driver “tours”, building out a driver’s shift as efficiently and profitably as possible. This tool takes into account the driver hours available, overtime avoidance, store delivery windows and curfews.

Automatic tractor assignment can be accommodated using various customizable rules and predefined alerts and warnings let dispatchers know when a trailer type mismatch is about to happen. We also integrate with equipment maintenance systems to reserve equipment that is scheduled for maintenance and flagging equipment currently in use to be removed from use upon return for preventative maintenance. This prevents dispatchers from assigning equipment that requires maintenance while ensuring the equipment is made available to the system as soon as it is serviced.

Finally, reports for driver efficiency, tractor utilization, and trailer utilization all come out-of-the-box with Prospero and customizable utilization reports for enterprise applications are available with the CAMS Profiler reporting package.

Multi-site Dispatch

Prospero is the only grocery TMS that integrates multiple distribution centers into a single multi-site database.

This allows our clients to manage sites individually or, if they wish, to take advantage of multi-site tools to manage multiple sites simultaneously.

Smaller sites with fewer drivers and trips can be managed remotely — bread plants, dairy plants, offsite storage facilities, general merchandise centers, any facility that doesn’t require 24-hour a day dispatching support can be managed via centralized dispatch. Drivers at these facilities simply swipe a driver identification card at the Prospero self-dispatch touch-screen kiosk and they receive their work assignments remotely.

Prospero is designed to accommodate both remote and centralized dispatch operations: A centralized dispatch coordinator can view, edit and dispatch trips for multiple sites, not only from a single location, but from within a single screen of the application. This is the CAMS difference.

Prospero proactively alerts the dispatcher to address the sites that require attention hours before problems arise. This provides the dispatcher with the lead time he or she needs to pre-assign resources in the most efficient way possible rather than working reactively to urgent and unexpected problems.


Prospero enables grocery companies to get the most out their backhaul programs while not impacting customer service levels or increasing complexities in the dispatch office.

We'll equip you with specialized tools for every facet of backhaul planning, execution, and profitability tracking after the fact.

The Prospero backhaul module takes the guesswork out of making optimal backhaul appointments: It stacks appointment times in your favor so you can take full advantage of the iterative backhaul assignment solve. While other routing packages look only at their current batch of orders, we examine all your outbound loads to determine the best backhaul assignments possible.

Prospero also validates driver hours available and equipment constraints on assignments. Most importantly, you'll know the out-of-route miles you'll incur, have accurate ETAs for arrival at the vendor, and know whether you have salvage obligations to consider. So go ahead, assign those backhauls with confidence knowing that now you're not leaving any money on the table.

Network Distribution

Rather than having separate distribution centers operate as isolated silos, Prospero coordinates delivery and backhaul obligations as regional networks.

Perhaps you already considered this model, but you were skeptical. How can routing software consider the hours of service for drivers, the ready times from the warehouse, layover situations, curfews, backhauls, salvage, and delivery windows, from multiple distribution centers simultaneously? The truth is: routing software alone can’t, but Prospero is much more than just routing software.

With our Multi-site Director you now have visibility of every facility’s outbound and inbound obligations. Prospero constructs round trip “tours” combining trips from multiple facilities, which eliminates thousands of miles a day in some regions.

Prospero is an enterprise solution designed from the ground up to accommodate multiple distribution centers as well as their local business rules simultaneously. It's the only enterprise solution designed specifically for grocery to have all the planning and execution data in the same database. This enables Prospero to handle these fully iterative enterprise solves.

You just can’t do that if you’re passing an export file from a routing system to a separate dispatch system — even if the same company sold you both systems.

Prospero's networked model includes backhaul optimization across multiple distribution centers, salvage optimization, and even considers outside carrier commitments and freight obligations assigned to the private fleet. Finally, a true “global solution” for your specific grocery distribution needs that actually delivers on its enterprise promise.

System Integration

Prospero offers full integration with the most popular vendor packages for:

  • Onboard computers (OBC)
  • Yard management (YMS)
  • Warehouse management (WMS)
  • Purchase order systems

Prospero uses one centralized database for all underlying data. Store and vendor locations, delivery schedules, curfews, driver schedules, trailers, tractors and everything else is stored in one place so it’s easy to access and maintain for routing, dispatch, payroll and reporting.

Improved data brokering services and monitoring software has also been developed to work with Prospero, simplifying the troubleshooting process for IT while improving the reliability of the interfaces between transportation systems.

Imagine the benefits of having one source of truth for all of your transportation data, especially planned vs. actual miles driven.

Driver Payroll

CAMS Software pioneered the integration of driver payroll and dispatch in 1999 and we have led the way ever since.

Prospero handles exceptions seamlessly, accommodating trip pay, overtime, night premiums, layover per-diems, 6th-shift bonuses, rush hour factors, team drivers, pallet pay etc. We have simplified the payroll closing process with a wizard-based tool while still providing several levels of validation, so not only is our payroll system flexible, it's accurate.

Whether it’s hourly or activity based — rest assured, we have dealt with some of the most complex collective agreements in the industry.

With driver efficiency reporting, you know who your most effective drivers are week-to-week. We also show you where you need to focus your training efforts and who is providing the best service to your stores.

Finally, with accurate and reliable payroll data available throughout the transportation process, your dispatchers are empowered to effectively deal with questions and disputes at the dispatch counter before they become grievances, soothing one of your more troublesome headaches.