Around-the-clock support

CAMS stands behind its products, and will:

  • Have a dedicated developer answer any support calls within regular business hours.
  • Offer 24-hour emergency support for any significant outages.
  • Assist you with ongoing maintenance of your solution.

SaaS-based solutions

Our cloud hosting technology features:

  • High-performance, on-demand software.
  • Multiple fail-safe computing resources in separate data centers.
  • Seemless installation.
  • Secure infrastructure.

On-site training

Deploying new enterprise software can feel daunting, but don't worry, CAMS will be there to:

  • Provide expertise from software developers sent directly to your site.
  • Ease transition by assuring employees' previous operations skillsets are still valuable.
  • Train your employees face-to-face, answering questions in real-time.
  • Guide and help prepare your site for deployment.
  • Provide on-site support as your solution goes live.

Customized software

Beyond the box, CAMS ensures your solution works for you by:

  • Integrating with your existing software systems (yard management, warehouse management, OBC).
  • Baking your custom business rules directly into the software solution (activity-based compensation, skeleton routes, driver bids).
  • Allowing for multi-site distribution of your resources.

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